Limitations can't be an excuse to start own passion and profession!

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Biswanath Chariali, Niz Bihali Village. About 249 km from Guwahati. I met a dynamic woman Mrs. Nabanita Bhuyan Borah, a BA in English, Mother of two college going daughters, a caring life partner. She has in her family one elder memeber, a well educated father in law.

On this Durga Puja Maha Saptami Day (12.10.2021), I travelled to meet some historical personalities and to visit a few historical places. But the first person I met at Niz Bihali Village was Mrs. Nabanita Bhuyan Borah.

Look wise an ordinary house wife, a mother and a warm hearted host who cooked lunch for us with lots of feelings in it. I could feel her deep feelings in every dishes she cooked for us with four Fish dishes, duck meat, chicken curry, paneer gravy, vegetables, two type of different steamed rice and pickles made by herself.

A lovable and caring lady with her smile to feed her half dozen guests along with her family members and took lunch at the last! But this is a natural hospitality of our culture! Then why to write about Nabanita?

I have found some other qualities in her which attracted me to know more about her. Being a house wife in a interior village isn’t a limit to stop her passion and profession. Nabanita runs local pickle making cottage industry from her home.

In 2008 she took a food processing and preservation training from state institute of rural development. She is expert in Bamboo shoot pickle, King chilli pickle, Olive, Amla, and many other local vegetables and fruits pickles. I drank an awesome homemade juice with her own home branded formula of an unique fruit, cultivated at her own orchard. However Nabanita has her dynamic talents in food processing, now she requires a channelized knowledge for proper branding, packaging and marketing. She requires to patent her juice making formula. I am sure, with these all channelized training and skills, she has the ability to be one of successful women entrepreneurs in Assam!

Another quality of Nabanita had made me fan of her is her creative writing skill. Nabanita writes poems and short stories in Assamese to publish on her Facebook profile. Sometime, she publishes in local journals and news papers. Above all her evergreen smiling and jolly nature can easily spread happiness and positive vibes around her.

My best wishes to Nabanita to raise her small scale cottage industry into a successful business organization one day. Her personality can inspire any woman of our society, who are still waiting for a “proper time and resources” to start their dream work. Limitations can be an honest cause for a big initiative❤

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