From Failure to Change Maker!

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Meet Mr. Anshuman Goswami, a young 27 years old Entrepreneur, with a tech background of Mechanical Bachelor Engineering as well as an M. Tech degree in Petroleum Technology. Anshuman Goswami is from Jorhat, Assam – a Historical District situated at the bank of Assam's life line Brahmaputra River.

He runs an NGO by the name of FLYCATCHERS with more than 200 associate members pan India which was founded while he was pursing his B.E degree at Gwalior. After failure of his 4 startups, ( I will share this story in my afterward blog.) he observed the reasons of the failure and moved on to continue with FLYCATCHERS. Which is a voluntary organization registered under Indian Trust Act 1882 at South Delhi and has a head office at Jorhat, Assam.

It was started as a initiative to teach street children and to promote the talents of differently able persons.

Following his passion of uplifting others, his NGO has organised *more* than 300+ small and big events out of which INCLUSION was their utmost grand event *which was* organised annually on the foundation day to promote the talents of underprivileged, privileged and differently able children in one single platform hence got the name INCLUSION.

Apart from this, FLYCATCHERS has organised 1 month summer camps for underprivileged children as well as their work also outreach to old people, awareness camps, environment, women empowerment etc.

It is notable that, they organised the first ever Women's Mini Marathon at Jorhat back in the year 2017 to promote women empowerment in the city.

Anshuman started his career as a social entrepreneur in the year 2015 with FLYCATCHERS and also started his first commercial startup in the year 2017. When I asked him the inspiration behind his journey, Anshuman replied, “To do something unique which really makes a difference in the society and solves real problem as well as to generate employment for better growth of the nation.”

However, Anshuman *met a huge amount children who begs* on the road during his stay in *Gwalior, M.P while pursing his B.E* . He felt, being from a technical background he could see various opportunities to guide those kids at least to purse a dream so that, he can build self-confidence among them. And he started his journey. Anshuman believes to work for the society.

“I guess anyone with any background is feasible. What is utmost important is the knowledge to guide those kids in a better path.” His NGO also worked to promote the talent of differently able people.

Although, he failed to set his 4 startups. But that doesn't mean he losses everything. Undoubtedly, he has lost a huge amount of money but he has gained the experience which will definitely help him to create a strategic plan. As of now, he is working on an idea and is currently in *incubated* at Wadhwani Foundation *under AIC BHU*.

As per FLYCATCHERS (NGO) is concerned, it took huge amount of time and hard work to acquire 200 + members to work for the society.

When Anshuman looks back, he finds his “Hard work, passion and determination” as assets and investments to attain his goal!

What Anshuman Goswami thinks about Assamese Entrepreneurship? –“Well, to be very precise, if we can create more entrepreneurs in the state, it will led to an overall growth which includes, employment, trade, business etc. It will also help to increase the literary rate of the Assam.”

By far, Anshuman's team is in the monopolistic domain, without any direct niche oriented competitors. Secondly, they are providing an one stop service to the customers in Car service sector too.

Anshuman has mapped his dream and has already started his journey. After 5 years, undoubtedly *he* can grab the entire market of North East India, and major Tier 1 cities of India as well our forecast is to onboard more than 5000+ service providers from 5 different states of India.

His startup venture’s name is Carlocare, it is a SaaS based company where we offer a platform to bridge between car owners and car service providers. So, basically it runs in a aggregator business model.

Our heartiest best wishes to Anshuman for his endeavors! My dear readers, we will share shortly the case studies of the 4 failed startups!