Durga Puja and It's Value in Our Modern Society

How do we need to detoxify our mind, heart and body on Sharat Navratri and Durga Puja?

In ancient India, women were considered as source of everything whatever human society needed to be developed.

"Ya Devi Sharbabhuteshu", a woman is present everywhere.

As a mother to run and nourish human race, as buddhi (knowledge) to grow mindsets, as laxmi (wealth) to grow prosperity and as Shakti(strength) to stand for themselves and for the society. Sharat (Autumn) Navratri is not a symbolic ritual. It is the time period when Mother earth get energy to grow (feminine) from the universe. Many people keep fast during these days. It helps to revitalise and channelise our inner energy alignments. However, keeping fast for 8 or 9 days with some restrictions isn't an easy task. But it is a good practice to detox our mind and body at same time.

Women are powerful since time starts in this Universe. However, in the human race, generation by generation women are always been victims by their soft nature. On this auspicious day of Maha Saptami, let us identify our inner strength to protect our feminine energy and our society!