Confidence Encourages to Follow Passion!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Mr. Paras Chokshi, working as a MD in S&D Wealth Advisors, by education CA. His hometown was Rajkot, Gujrat. Father was a diamond trader. Unfortunately, he had lost his both parents in an car accident in 2008. As a responsible younger brother of his elder sister, he took all responsibility. He had moved to Mumbai in 2005. Although he had started his income in 2000. He supported his elder sister’s study and took responsibility of her marriage as well.

One day faded up with his transferable job, Mr. Paras decided to be an entrepreneur. His self confidence encouraged him to build his own brand name! It was 2016. Mr. Paras Chokshi started his business in Insurance sector with one branch and two employees along with 10 Agents. In 2017, his business raised with one branch, 30 employees and 100 agents. In 2018, his business grows with two branches, 55 employees and 200 agents. Paras didn’t need to look back. In 2019, Mr. Paras had two branches, 70 Employees and 300 agents. In 2020, where many businessmen were disappointed because of covid19 lockdowns and economic slam, Mr. Paras had worked more harder to grow with four branches, 150 employees and 600 Agents. In running year of 2021, Mr. Paras has raised his business with five branches, five franchises, 250 employees and more than 1200 Agents!

Mr. Paras wants to give credit to his investment of 21 years of life for his growth and success. He says “My strength is My work, Insurance, relationship building & Service, positive thinking and handle every situation with cool mind. I belive in digital technology and keep upgrade to myself & business!”

Mr. Paras Chokshi loves travelling, cricket & music. But above all, as a human being he does charity for orphans and old citizens on every Sunday.

I personally know Mr. Paras Chokshi as a down to earth human being and very passionate towards his business growth. He believes “Smart and hard work never goes fail!”

When I asked Mr. Paras if he looks back what does he find in his past journey? Very promptly he replied, “Grow, experience, knowledge, relationship with clients, social network.”

Mr Paras trusts “The strength of his company is Service & Delivery, making something different than others!” Very soon Mr. Paras and team opening two new branches in Delhi and Kolkata with “Vision & Target-2024 : 20 Branches + 100 Franchises in All India”

With his five years successful journey as an entrepreneur, Mr. Paras is most eligible bachelors at his 44 years of age! His ideal partner is who is "carrying, loving, mature, understanding nature, trust and respectable life partner regardless no caste or community within his own religion."

After five years from now Mr. Paras Chokshi wants his company being Listed in BSE / NSE with net worth of ₹100 Crore! My heartiest best wishes to Mr. Paras Chokshi. I always admire him for his calm and positive nature✍