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Hello! I am a start-up producer and new filmmaker with my personal brand "IamMalabika". I am planning to start my own video blogs on your inspirational success stories by making short films to inspire some more in my community. Please note that I have participated in various National and International Film Festivals with my own start up production documentary film on women empowerment, starting begging a few awards too. I have also got CBFC certificate as a producer with my personal name Malabika Saikia.
If you would like to picturize your stories with me under my own production brand, kindly help me with the following information.



1. According to your field information, I will contact you on one to one conversation.
2. You will share your success story with me to help me to write a synopsis for you.
3. I will share the synopsis with you to have your final concern.
4. You will fill a concern template to help me to plan the short film project.
5. The short film will be with maximum length of 10 mins to 15 mins.
6. After your final concern, I will share with you how to shoot the cinematic frames by you.
7. I will guide you how to shoot the frames with help of your smartphones.
8. The frames to share with me on Google Drive.
9. After editing the final draft, I will share with you to take your concern.
10. All costs of making will be done by me. However, you will be charged a minimum amount of Rs, 3000 INR non-refundable security deposit.
11. The copyright will be under my brand name. If you would like to take the copyright, you will have to pay the making cost of the film.
12. I will publish the film on my YouTube channel.
13. I will publish with the rules and regulations of target audience and will promote it on paid biding.
14. When your story short film will start generating revenue, you will be paid with 10% royalty of the yearly profit income.
15. Last but not least, with any dispute of copyright holder, all rights will be reserved under my YouTube videos.

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