Hello! I am a start-up producer and new filmmaker with my personal brand "IamMalabika". I build inspirational success stories by making short films to inspire some more in my community.I have participated in various National and International Film Festivals with my own start up production documentary film on women empowerment, starting begging a few awards too.I have also got CBFC certificate as a producer with my personal name Malabika Saikia.

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More about me

Malabika is a professional with her own start up entrepreneurship, a founder of women talent empowerment platform, producer, a women empowerment personality  from Assam, India.

Malabika is an Ambassador of Global Goodwill Ambassador Organization, an International Non Profit Organization, registered under United Nations, USA. A diplomatic Fellowship under Federation of International Gender and Human Rights, New York.

Beside her humanitarian achievements, Malabika has 20 years of experience in Public Relation, Counseling and Mentoring from New Delhi. She has started her startup with her own independent idea “acquisition of creative talents with combination of own “secret mantra skills” to give proper directions to unsung talents.”

Malabika is daring lady with her all time positive though process to make anything possible in life.


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I'm always looking for new and exciting stories. Let's connect.